Enter a word or phrase in the source language.
The search engine will list a selection of translated sentences that include the given word, from a corpus of around 1,000,000 translated sentences.

What is this service?

From this page, you can search a database of example translations, to see how in "real life" a given word has been rendered in the target language. The tool will be especially useful to professional translators and to advanced-level students.

Note that this translation search engine is intended to supplement rather than substitute a bilingual dictionary.

How to look up a word

For simplicity, do not type accents on the word or phrase you are looking up. For example, cooperacao will find the Portuguese word cooperação.

In German, to look up a word with an ß, replace this with ss.

Note that when looking up a phrase, the system currently searches only for examples where the words you enter appear consecutively in the precise order in which you enter them.


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